If you haven't already seen the new platform we've created you need to check it out NOW. It's called Dealstravaganza and it's a platform you can use to create a local deals site for your market.

This platform is going to sold as a standalone platform to the general public for more than the current Retechulous membership price.

HOWEVER as a paying member you can claim a territory and be grandfathered in as long as your account stays in good standing.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or don't understand why or how this is EXTREMELY powerful then watch our last 2 strategy sessions here:

  • Daily Session "DEALSTRAVAGANZA" - 2.28.2012
  • Daily Session "DEALSTRAVAGANZA" - 2.29.2012
  • Then grab your territory by following the instructions at: http://retechulous.com/dealstravaganza

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