Here below are instructions for setting up this Foreclosure List Squeeze Page .

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[accordion title="Setting Up Your Page"]

[accordion title="Getting Visitors To Your Page"]

Craigslist Traffic Generation

The first way to get quick traffic to you page is Craigslist.

You'll notice when you generate the link for your Foreclosure List capture page, you also get a code snippet that you can paste into your craigslist ads.

The recommended practice for doing this is to use the "Craigslist Sandwich," where in the body of your craigslist ad you post in this order:

  • First, the ad snippet.
  • 2nd, the property details.
  • 3rd, the ad snippet again.
  • If you've never posted a property to Craigslist before, here's a quick PDF detailing the setup.
    And here are two videos from our "Real Estate Traffic School" system that detail how to get started quick with Craigslist.

    Facebook Ads Traffic Generation

    Example Facebook Ads

    Click Here To Watch The Tutorial about setting up a Facebook Ad...

    [accordion title="Following Up"]

    Here's the most important part. You need to be in the mindset that a very low percentage of folks opting in to receive your list will be ready to buy or sell now.

    The money is in the follow up -- the consistent follow up.

    Here are some quick easy ways to follow up, systematically.

    • Set every lead up for an mls search that sends distressed properties in your area. Don't worry about price range, criteria, etc... just send them all... (The hotter leads will tell you when they want their search notifications changed.)
    • Make a point to video just 1 distressed property listing every week. Then mail the link to the youtube video to everyone who's opted in. (If you don't have any listings of your own, get permission to use a colleague's, or... use a HUD listing if you're at a Hud Licensed office...)


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