Just got done adding a few tweaks and some new screencasts to our AwesomeRealEstateWebsite.Com platform.

Changed The Theme

We changed the theme to one that offered a cleaner initial look, some additional design options, and facebook/twitter integration in the header.

Added A Few More Screencasts

We added a cast about making the integrated Realbird property search look more in line with the look/feel of your site.

Also, there's a new cast about setting your home page to something other than the property search. We recommend setting the integrated video gallery page as the home in order to engage visitors and increase chances that your lead capture offers will be seen and interacted with.

Fun Popup Feature
You can now activate a fairly customizable popup plugin that will allow you to paste any html into it, including an intro video that welcomes, directs, and perhaps helps you build rapport with your visitors.

If you're interested in test driving the Awesomerealestatewebsite platform along with the other Retechulous systems in our member's area, click here.

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