Real Estate Email Templates - 11 email subject lines you can swipe immediately

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The 11 real estate email subject line templates (plus a bonus!)

  • Checklist: are you house poor?
  • The 1 mistake most home buyers make
  • Renting could be draining your wealth
  • Sorry I forgot about you..
  • I need your help
  • Have you been denied a mortgage? check here...
  • Are you overpaying your property taxes
  • Homes selling checkist: done all 22 things?
  • 16 short cuts for first-time home buyers
  • Find the best foreclosure deal in 3 hours
  • For saving money at closing, this works like crazy...
  • Bonus: This home-selling tip is almost too easy...
  • This is just 12 of 175 subject lines you can swipe from this report for under $15 (it's crazy good)...


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