Mike Kemper Facebook Album Case Study - (Strategy Session 7/30/14)

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If you missed yesterday's strategy session...which covered some pretty, pretty eye-opening stuff...(OH man, where were you?!) (: Then you're going to want to set aside some time to find out how Retechulist Mike Kemper is getting some amazing results and engagement on Facebook for pennies. Mike's posting strategy is very similar to the "promoted post [...] See Whole Post

Zillow/Trulia -- A Clint Eastwood Reaction?


If you're regularly landing on this site, you're probably the self reliant type of real estate pro who isn't much affected by external news and conditions. You know how to "eat what you kill" and you're smart and nimble enough to build your business using any number of tools and methods at your disposal. So [...] See Whole Post

7 "Retechulous" Ways To Get Leads, Sales, and Money


There's a lot of stuff in the member's area here -- And we're constantly releasing, tweaking, and adapting our tools and trainings so that members always have fast, effective ways to generate short & long term business. Here are 7 of the fastest ways you can start generating leads and sales for your real estate [...] See Whole Post

Canva - Silky Smooth FREE Design Tool For Your Real Estate Biz


If you're doing any kind of digital marketing for your real estate biz, you probably know how easy it is to get hung up for hours trying to make a silly little banner or business card. And as more and more of our lead generation efforts rely on posting interesting attention grabbing graphics, your ability [...] See Whole Post

Go Get Drayton's "Bird Droppings"

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Real quick. You should go get on Drayton Bird's email list. He drops a lot of great knowledge about direct marketing in general, but really the biggest reason why you should follow his emails is because he's just entertaining as heck. For example, you'll like the line about "estate agents" at the end of this [...] See Whole Post

"Fixer Upper Mortgage" Lead System

This is working out well, leads are coming in at about $3.50 a piece from our test. Members, click here to access your link for this funnel and the full "Quick System" documentation. See Whole Post

Taking a "Stab" At Direct Mortgage Lead Generation (continued)

Here below are the first 2 videos in a series where we explore generating mortgage leads "directly" with a "facebook ad to lander" campaign. The First Try (Fail) Spent close to $50 and got 0 leads... The 2nd Try (Pending Results) In this attempt we're more specifically targeting first time buyers, and introducing some more [...] See Whole Post

ReTechulous Marketing Tip #79 -- Try Using A Really Weird Animated GIF Images To Draw People's Eyeballs In... and Get Them To Click The "Core Lead Capture Element" On Your Website.