“Start The Mortgage Process” Tool

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Here's a quick link you can use to generate "Pre" mortgage application leads. http://startthemortgageprocess.com/?de= You can change the email address at the end to be anything you want, including that of a partner who might be helping you with advertising spend. Or you can include multiple email addresses at the end like so: http://startthemortgageprocess.com/?de=,homer@simpson.com So [...] See Whole Post

Fun FREE WordPress Plugin Get’s You More Clicks To Your Lead Generating Pages

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If you're using wordpress for your real estate site, you might really like this. Especially if you're using wordpress, and you're not getting enough leads. This fun plugin basically "squeezifies" your site, driving traffic out to your lead generating ReTechulous capture pages... Note: The plugin is currently set to only show 1 time per visitor [...] See Whole Post


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