Will You Be Next?

Check this out...(it's a screenshot of a post in our private members only mastermind group from a new member name Audrey): Why am I sharing this with you? Pretty simple really, to illustrate a couple things: #1 - We do what we promise. #2 - Our systems, funnels, scripts etc. work like crazy... So now [...] See Whole Post

Building A “Pet Friendly Rentals” Funnel


If you're in a market where rental values are high and co-op commissions are offered, the approach detailed in the video below could lead to Fast Commissions Lots of Buyer Leads! (because renters will eventually buy of course) If you're not already a Retechulous Member, just cancel all the other less effective crap you're paying [...] See Whole Post

From Foreclosure Lead “Skeptic” Turned Retechulous Believer


I got the following email from one of our newest members this morning, but before you check it out: 1. Foreclosure buyer leads are only one of numerous types of leads that you'll be able to generate as a member of Retechulous. 2. Below the email you'll find a link to a case study with [...] See Whole Post

58 Leads From 2 Ads?


First Watch This: Then Check Out The Video Walk Through & PDF Report Mentioned: Get Instant Access! Lastly Go Here To Become A Member Today & Get 20 FREE Leads In The City, Town Or Zip Of Your Choice: Get Started NOW. See Whole Post


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