7 Fast Ways To Generate Leads and Sales For Your Real Estate Business

There's a lot of stuff in the member's area here -- and we're constantly releasing, tweaking, and adapting our tools and trainings so that members always have fast, effective ways to generate short & long term business.

Here are 7 of the fastest ways to start generating leads and sales.

  • Follow the process in the "Niche Focused Fan Page" training to quickly set up a Fan page, and start generating conversations with buyers about properties you post to the page. (This works really, really well if you're willing to spend just a few $$$ on ads...)
  • Fire up the "Quick Seller System" and start talking to local property owners about the value of their properties.
  • Use The FSBO/FRBO Craigslist Emailer tool to quickly start talking with motivated FSBO's and owners of local rentals about the sale of their property.
  • Import your database into the CRM system, and start sending some of the "email swipes" from the content library in order to stir up some fast activity.
  • Use the "Pet Friendly Rentals" page + a facebook ad to generate rental leads -- ask these leads if they'd be willing to talk to a mortgage person about getting pre-approved and create first time buyer business out of thin air.
  • Use the "Quick Buyer" system, with the included foreclosure list squeeze page to start lots of emails into your database fast, while also sifting out occasional hot ready to go owner occupant buyers and investors.
  • Use the Youtube "Instream Ad" training and other resources in the "Leading w/Listings" section to get fast massive exposure for your existing listings. (You'll also be adding a few great elements to your pre-listing presentation that should help you easily close more listing appointments.)

Also remember to plug in to the weekly strategy sessions, check out what's going on in the Private Facebook Group, and also don't be shy about hitting up support whenever you need help.

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