Case Study – Running A Facebook Ad For Listing Video


24 Hour Results In the first day of running this campaign we had 354 Views at $.05 a piece for a total of $19.29 spent. With 1 Scheduled Showing with a Qualified buyer! This is so simple to execute, but so powerful. Lots of marketing benefits without much expense. You'll get instant exposure and "virality" [...] See Whole Post

Investor Friendly Condos (Squeeze Page Example)


Trust us. This kind of offer will work for everybody! Whether you're just getting started... Or you already list multi million dollar homes all day. The idea is to attract everyone with a list properties that will be perceived kind of a "deal" ... in this case under 100k Condos in a specific market. Then [...] See Whole Post

Simple Facebook Sphere Widening Technique


Here's a quick, simple Facebook technique that could help you widen your sphere of influence.... Just follow the process in the video. And to make it "systematic," be sure to schedule a recurring weekly or monthly appointment with yourself to get this done... Some Possible Use Scenarios Real Estate Agent simply finding "missed friend opportunities" [...] See Whole Post

Black Friday Real Estate Email?

Are you sending out a Black Friday Real Estate Deal to your database? Maybe something like: SUBJECT LINE: Sell 2 Houses For The Price Of One? EMAIL BODY: Hi... Just a quick "Black Friday Real Estate Deal" for you. If you know anybody who's thinking of selling a home sometime soon. We're offering 25% off [...] See Whole Post


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