$17 Dollars, 23 Emails, 6 Cell Phone #'s...

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Here are the results from yesterdays "forced 2nd step survey" test... Pretty good stuff. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to get the ReTechulous "Foreclosure Quick Funnel" campaign set up. Then 30-60 minutes a week on the follow up, and you should be good to go... For reference, here's a snapshot of the [...] See Whole Post

Forced 2nd Step Survey Test

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Here's how it works. 1. Require only an email in order for folks to get your juicy resource. 2. Then after opt ask a few optional questions designed to pull out more info & phone numbers. 3. After the survey, show them the original resource. See Whole Post

Spinny Hovers... (A Fun way to increase CTR & GCI?)

Spinning images... Sound web marketing strategy? Or just stoopid fun?

Spinning images... Sound web marketing strategy? Or just stoopid fun? You might have noticed that all the images on the site here at Retechulous.Com have started rotating when you hover over them. Fun stuff. Not sure it'll make you a ton of money. But it may cause more engagement and "click thrus" on your banner [...] See Whole Post

The Death of Facebook "Like-gating"...What Now?


This just in...Facebook "Like Gating" is now a thing of the past. And along with its untimely death, many small business owners are left scrambling to figure out the next best strategy to build up their customer base. Because for several years, countless marketers relied too heavily on this one specific strategy as a means [...] See Whole Post

"Fast Cash Investor" Squeeze Page - Facebook Ad Example

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.27.19 PM

As promised on yesterday's strategy session, we just started running a test ad for the "Fast Cash Investor" squeeze page Ryan created a couple weeks ago. Now price per conversion will most likely be higher because of the type of offer/angle that we're taking on Facebook. However, those who fill out this form will be [...] See Whole Post

Sifting Hot Leads with Surveys (Strategy Session 8/6/2014)


In this session we talked a bit about using surveys and a few of Quick Funnels on this site to sift leads out of your existing real estate database. Some key points If you email your database more frequently then you do now, you'll make more money. There are some email swipes here, and here. [...] See Whole Post

How to Schedule Posts on Your Facebook Fan Page

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Yesterday we posted a video that shows you how to use Facebook's new ad scheduler feature, which allows users to set days and times that ads run on autopilot. One of our members asked if there is also a scheduling feature for Facebook fan page posts. The good news is that, you can quickly and [...] See Whole Post

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